Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I got the band of my Bucket-o-Chic hat knitted last night. I ended up adding a few stitches to make a total of 20. My gauge was slightly smaller, and I didn't want a hat that was too shallow. The colors are great, though.

My "bigger" project of the moment (subject to change without notice) is a Dale cardigan from the Dale #126 pattern book. I am knitting it of Sisik, and really like the feel of the yarn. My only complaint thus far is that some of the tweedy nubs tend to slub off. I keep picking them up off the carpet. Hopefully, after a rinse and spin in the washer, this will stop.

I'm still tweeking the blog. Today I'm trying to add comments. If someone would care to leave a note of some kind just so I can see if it works, I would surely appreciate it.