Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I can't believe June is almost over! I had so many projects planned for this summer's knitting, and I have so very little accomplished.

We are almost finished with the first month of The Amazing Lace. I have worked hard on Miss Melanie, but to no avail. I wrote a nasty post to my dear Mel in which I gave her a verbal flogging for her beligerent attitude. You will all be relieved to know I won't be posting that long-winded diatribe. Suffice it to say writing it all down made me feel better, but Miss Mel stands now as this:

Can you stand it? I've knit and frogged and knit and frogged repeatedly until the poor gossamer yarn can hardly take it anymore. You see here the results of my last frogging. I promise I'll get back to her soon, but for now she has been put in time-out for her surliness.

I have been knitting other stuff: a couple of "warsh-rags" from Mason-Dixon Knitting; Mountain Stream scarf (I'm into the 3rd repeat); and several socks. Here is some progress made on my Pomatomus socks:

This is a fun pattern knit with yummy yarn!

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new 2006-2007 Stampin' Up catalog, a whole box of catalogs, actually. They should be arriving on my porch any day. I have been involved in several card swaps, which has taken away from my knitting time. Several scrapbook pages have been completed, as well. Therefore, I haven't been totally unproductive this month -- just on the knitting front. Hopefully, July will see more progress, together with another go at Mel, if she has learned to behave herself.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

June Knitting Plans

Many KAL's planned for the summer, and June is looking like a very fun month.

First is the kick-off of the Trekking Along. I've got my yarn, but haven't decided on a pattern.

Knit the Classics. This month's book is Wuthering Heights, which is my favorite book ever! I haven't romped the moors with Cathy and Heath for several years and look forward to spending June with them.

Knit Red. I have some gorgeous hand-dyed sock yarn I purchased on ebay several months ago. All wound into a nice center-pull ball, it has been calling to me. I've been considering copying Margene's choice of red and knitting Eleanora with it. Apparently, the original Eleanoras were red. Very cool!

Knitting on the Road. This month's pattern is Canal du Midi. I have some Satakieli yarn that has been hiding in the stash for many years. I might as well use it on a sock pattern designed with the yarn.

Vintage Socks. We are knitting the Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern. Yarn is yet to be decided.

Pomatomus. I began these socks using Cherry Tree Hill in the colorway Foxy Lady. The reds and browns reminded me of the socks I just received from my sockapaloooza pal. I love the pattern but did not want another pair in the same colors, so I frogged what I had done (only 1 pattern repeat) and began again using STR Country Cobblestone. I love these muted shades of rose, sage and violet.

The Amazing Lace. I still need to complete my first challenge for AL, but have decided on my team mates. I am knitting the Melanie Shawl from Heirloom Knitting in their merino laceweight yarn, color ocean blue. I started Mel a couple of times last summer and she totally got the best of me. Hope this summer will see me the victor of the battle of Mel.