Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Looking Forward

I have sure been in a knitting funk lately. My pomatomus socks are progressing very slowly. The twisted rib stitch throughout makes for somewhat sluggish knitting. Having said that, I do love them!

Poor Melanie has been brought out of timeout, and I have completed the first 25 rows! I know, you are thinking, "Big deal." To me it is a big deal as I have never gotten through the first pattern chart without having to frog the whole thing. A few more rows of plain garter stitch, and I am on to Chart 2. Yay!

My trekking socks have finally been started. Still no photos of me actually "trekking" with them. Maybe this weekend.

I have been thinking about Fall and future projects. Vogue Knitting has their Fall preview up. A couple of designs caught my eye.

I love the simple styling of this sweater and the cabled v-neck. I'm not sure of the yarn used, but it looks like it is a light enough weight that the sweater could be worn indoors without being too warm. Without even seeing the pattern, I am putting this on my "must knit" list for Fall.

Socks!!! It looks like this issue of VK has several sock patterns. This gorgeous blue pair is my favorite. It reminds me very much of the pomatomus socks (that are taking me freakishly long to knit). This project is being added to my "list" as well.

Okay, so you'll know I have gone completely bonkers, I'll let you in on a secret. I began a cross stitch project. I have not worked any cross stitch for over 20 years, but for some reason I got a huge urge to stitch! My project is the Lavender and Lace Celtic Spring. Even though stitching is cutting into my knitting time (which is already pretty sparse), I am really enjoying this.

More later!