Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Who Are You? Who-oo, who-oo!

I have been elaborating eloquently my thoughts on The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, writing all kinds of amusing ideas that came to mind whilst reading this fun book. I had intended to post what has become an essay rather than a journal entry, but decided not to bore you all to death with my ramblings on gods, goddesses, grail legends, symbolism, and the lot. So, instead, here is my paltry entry:
You are bamboo.
Warm, cozy, and thoughtful, you take your time and
enjoy how things feel, smell, and taste. You
love the craft and beauty of traditional
things, and you value the comfort and
experience of knitting as much as the results.
But while you are reveling in your warm cozies,
don't get stuck. Warm is wonderful, but so is
the whole wide world!

What kind of knitting needles are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

No complaints -- I love bamboo needles!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I Won a Prize!!

Knitting Beyond the Hebrides, an email group of fantastic, witty, wonderful, talented knitters, is currently hosting "aranmania," a virtual conference on (you guessed it) aran knitting. Along with great classes and contests, door prizes are given each day. I got the news this morning that I won yesterday's door prize!

The Green Mountain Spinnery Book

I absolutely love Green Mountain Spinnery and their yarns! My most favorite sweater of all time is the Enchanted Forest that I knit with GMS Mountain Mohair. I knit Rosemary's Middle-size Sweater with GMS Silkspun (they no longer carry this). Both sweaters have been worn and worn and show little wear and tear.

I never win prizes! Can you tell I am psyched!!!

Monday, February 23, 2004

Not Much Progress

Not much knitting progress here at Simple Elegance, so not much blogging. I started on the Rogue Pullover and am just about to begin the pouch. However, I am not sure I like the yarn I am using. Actually, I love the yarn -- just not sure it is right for this project. Take a peek:

So while I think this over, I am doing a quick knit -- a baby sweater for a girl I work with. She is expecting a girl in about 6 weeks. I picked up some Baby Georgia and began the Oat Couture Victorian T-Shirt. I love this pattern! This is the front up to the armhole decreases:

So, other than tweeking my site a tad, that is about it, folks. Look for more posts in the future (hopefully)!!

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Another One Bites the Dust

The weekend has whizzed by so fast I can hardly believe it! Why don't the days of the work week go by as quickly. I swear, it feels like all my time is spent at the office. But if I want to buy more yarn I must go to work!

I did get a sleeve complete on my Must Have Cardigan:

This project is so much fun, and I love the yarn. Why Classic Elite has been doing away with most of their classic yarns is a puzzlement. This Maya yarn is gorgeous, and feels so wonderful while knitting it. I sure wish I could buy more of it -- but alas, 'tis gone the way of other beautiful natural yarns to make room for more flashy, funky, novelty yarns.

I received the Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran I ordered from Ozeyarn for the Rogue Pullover. From the day I ordered it to the day it arrived on my doorstep, only 7 days elapsed. That is all the way from Australia! And, because of the currency rate, it was less expensive than if I had purchased it here in the states, even with shipping. Take a peak:

And because God seems to think we need even more snow, here is the new six inches we received overnight:

Well, "Kiss the day goodbye" (A Chorus Line), and have a happy Monday all!

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Cable Fix

On the knitting front, I am just a few rows away from beginning the shaping of the sleeve cap on my Must Have Cardigan. I am really enjoying this project. The pattern is simple enough that I can watch American Idol and my new guilty pleasure, "America's Next Top Model." I do not usually get into these realty shows -- I've never watched one single episode of Survivor, The Bachelor, Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, etc., etc. Normally, these shows just do not appeal to me. But for some strange, unfounded reason, I've been sucked into Top Model. So, while engrossed in wacky Betsey Johnson's antics of trying to get these model wannabes to show some style, I looked down at my knitting and noticed I had crossed a cable in the wrong direction. Dang!! It was only 4 rows down and I really didn't want to rip. Therefore, like a good little knitter, I knitted across the row to the wrongly crossed six stitches, dropped all six stitches down four rows, crossed them in the correct direction, took my trusty little crochet hook and caught up all those pesky little loops. Viola! (Little Mermaid) Cable fix!! Hopefully, tonight I can get this sleeve completed.