Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Cable Fix

On the knitting front, I am just a few rows away from beginning the shaping of the sleeve cap on my Must Have Cardigan. I am really enjoying this project. The pattern is simple enough that I can watch American Idol and my new guilty pleasure, "America's Next Top Model." I do not usually get into these realty shows -- I've never watched one single episode of Survivor, The Bachelor, Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, etc., etc. Normally, these shows just do not appeal to me. But for some strange, unfounded reason, I've been sucked into Top Model. So, while engrossed in wacky Betsey Johnson's antics of trying to get these model wannabes to show some style, I looked down at my knitting and noticed I had crossed a cable in the wrong direction. Dang!! It was only 4 rows down and I really didn't want to rip. Therefore, like a good little knitter, I knitted across the row to the wrongly crossed six stitches, dropped all six stitches down four rows, crossed them in the correct direction, took my trusty little crochet hook and caught up all those pesky little loops. Viola! (Little Mermaid) Cable fix!! Hopefully, tonight I can get this sleeve completed.