Thursday, December 11, 2003

Boogie Nights

My evenings have been spent knitting Booga Bags from Julie's great Noro Kureyon pattern. I finally received the yarn I won on ebay, and have been speeding along on bag No. 2. This colorway is gorgeous -- all bright pinks, purples, lavenders, and a tiny touch of orange. I love watching the colors change as I am knitting. Once this has been knitted and felted, my knit-related Christmas projects are done. Yay!! Now, if only the rest of my shopping were finished, wrapped, and under the tree!

The doubleknitski hat is an FO and a great success. My son put it right on his bald little head, and it has hardly been off. Mucho gracias to Alison for the wonderful pattern.

The boss just got back from the rodeo finals in Las Vegas, so things are a bit crazy at the office with the work that has piled up while he was gone. So, I'm off to play catch-up!