Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I won some gorgeous Noro Kureyon yarn on eBay. The colorway is No.131, a bouquet of pinks, reds, oranges, and blues. This lovely yarn is going to be made into one of Julie's felted bags. Woo-hoo!!

The brim of the bucket hat is complete and all yarn ends are weaved in. I need to get out the iron and block the brim straight before I can knit the top of the hat. Now, where is that dang iron, anyway. My iron and I definitely do not get along.

Since I have heard nothing on the Phildar magazines I ordered, I have been playing a bit with a free pattern from Phildar's website. By playing, I mean I am trying to translate it from French, and since I know only enough French to get me through 10 years of ballet, it isn't going well. Any suggestions?

Blog tweak of the day: weather pixie. She even looks a bit like me -- if you're flying over in an airplane and are peering through the clouds and straining to see through my dirty windows. Well, she kinda does.