Sunday, January 23, 2005

Mariah Progress Notes

I am so loving knitting the beautiful Mariah! The Patons Classic Merino yarn is yummy, and the pretty real red color makes me smile. I have completed the first sleeve:

It looks very long to me. In fact, it is about 1 1/2 inches longer than the pattern said to make it. The problem was that in order to get all the increases completed, I had to knit a certain amount of rows, and this was how long it turned out after those increases were finished. Usually, I don't mind my sleeves in jackets to be a bit long as my hands are always cold. The extra length to cover my hands is often very welcome. However, before knitting the other sleeve, I am going to ponder this one for a while.

Would you like to see a closeup of the cable pattern?

Lovely, no?

Good Sunday to all! I'm thinking of you all back east who are in the midst of a snow blizzard. Be careful out there!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Sockapalooza, Baby!!

Progress is a happinin' on the groooovy sock for my sockaPALooza. My "pal" said she liked bright colors, and these colors are pretty wild. I wasn't sure I would like them, but now that there is enough knit to judge, I am liking it a lot. Take a peek:

click on me!

Would you like to see a bit more? Here's the heel flap:

click on me!

And now for a close-up of the dutch heel:

click on me!

It has been quite a while since I have knitted a sock, and I forgot how much fun they are! This pattern is great: a picot edge top; a little lace to keep the knitting interesting; some broken rib to breeze through; a unique heel flap; a dutch heel; and now it's on to the toe. I am having a blast! Hope all you other sockapaloozers are enjoying this knitalong as much as I am!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Okay, I was Bored
Courtesy of Nake-id Knits:
Grooming Products
Shampoo—Herbal Essence
Moisturizerz—Clinique Yellow Lotion
Cologne—Very Sexy by Victoria Secret
Toothpaste—Colgate Max Fresh
Cell phone—Motorola
Computer—A little of this, a little of that — Put together by nephew
Sheets—Cream cotton with wide lace trim
Car—Pontiac Grand Am
Stationery—Don't use it
Bottled water—Don't drink it (just plain tap)
Coffee—Don't drink it
Beer—No thanks
Jeans—Old, faded Levi's
T-shirt—Vacation souvenirs
Briefcase or tote—Antonio Melani
Watch—Christmas present from Mom & Dad
Favorite Places
Snowbird Ski Resort; Moab
Necessary Extravagance
Nice yarn; Art supplies (especially inks) books

Go ahead and post your responses, too. You know you want to.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Monday is Photo Day

A bit of progress has been made here at Simple Elegance. First, here is the first sleeve of Mariah. I have complete almost two pattern repeats. I love the cabling.

Next is a little bit of a sneek peek at my sock for the sockapalooza. The pattern is Whisper Rib & Shepherd's Lace by Anne Carroll. I have made several pairs of socks from this pattern. The top is a pretty picot edge; there is a bit of a lace pattern down the front; and the remainder is in whisper rib stitch. This little bit does not show much, but you can get a little hint of how it will look.

And lastly, my yarn and swatch for Ribby Cardi. I got gauge my first try, which almost never happens. I feel good karma with this project.

I have got to learn the code that creates a pop-up window so my pictures can be viewed in a larger format. Anyone want to teach me how?

Gotta go knit now.