Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Mail Bag

I absolutely love getting packages in the mail. Look at some of my new goodies!

First of all, the guys at Threadbear Fiber Arts put together a great color combo for me to knit the Charlotte's Web shawl. I told them to go for violets and blues, and look at the gorgeous Koigu they sent me!

I have actually been knitting this rather quickly. I love the yarn, the colors, the pattern - oh, just all of it!! I will post a picture soon.

Scrapbooking is one of my other hobbies, and one of the big reasons I don't get as much knitting done as some of the rest of you (did you think I was just a bit lazy? Not so, not so!). Croppin' Paradise sent me these lovely scrapping treats - paper, charms, all kinds of lumpy stuff - wowza!

Last, take a peek at my new birkies. I love the red!

That is it for now. I am off to do my "real" job. Oh how I wish I could stay home and play with all my new stuff!

Monday, June 07, 2004

Knit Lust

Is it possible to be in knit lust? Having taken a peek at Joanna's gorgeous shell, I have been thinking of nothing else. I have to have this shell! The design is by Kirsten Cowan and is No. 12 in the Spring/Summer 2004 Vogue Knitting. The yarn used in the Vogue version is Skacel Hillary, a very pretty ribbon yarn in lovely colors. However, I am presently knitting a vest in a ribbon yarn, and it is driving me crazy. I have to stop and untwist the yarn about every 5 stitches. So I am looking for alternative yarns to use. Joanna used Lana Grosso Brillo (take a peek at Threadbear's), and her top is so beautiful. However, I was thinking of something in pink. I love pink! When I find just the right yarn, I'll let you know.

Another project?!! Yee-gads!

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Checking In

I have been a very bad blogger the last few months. So many things have been going on in my life that I have had very little free time. Even my knitting has been in stall mode. I have not completed a project in ages. I have been dream knitting, though, and actually visited my favorite LYS (Black Sheep Wool) last Saturday.

I came home with several purchases:

1. Berroco Pattern booklet No. 224 to knit Charmaine:

2. Berroco Echo yarn in Sangria, gorgeous plum colors, to knit Charmaine.

3. Three balls of Dale of Norway Stork yarn in a dark blue to knit the Oat Couture Baby Fisherman T-Shirt (more on this tomorrow).

4. Two of Miss Bea's books: Miss Bea's Colours and Miss Bea's Band. If you knit for children, you have got to check Miss Bea's books out. The patterns are sooooo cute! I have already put two on my list of must-knits for my two darling granddaughters (ages 4 and 3).

Okay, so now it has taken me almost 2 hours to update my blog and post this entry. As a reward, I am going to pour a Diet Coke with Lime in a large glass of ice and go sit on my porch bench and knit.

Ta for now!!