Thursday, December 30, 2004

New Projects for a New Year

I do not know what it is about starting a New Year, but I always want to start new knitting projects. Succumbing to the temptation, I have joined two knitalongs. The first is the Ribby Cardi knitalong hosted by Carole. ChicKnits beautiful pattern is used (it can be purchased here). I have been looking at this sweater for quite a while now, having purchased the pattern over a month ago. I waited a bit too long in finalizing my decision to knit this, so when I finally placed my order with Elann for the yarn, the colors available were not really what I had envisioned. I settled on two shades of dusty rose. I really wanted a navy blue and light blue, or dark chocolate and pink. Lesson learned: when the knitting bug bites, do not try to fight it off, just give in to it's poison!

The other knitalong I have joined is the sockapalooza hosted by Alison. I participated in a similar type of sock exchange and loved receiving socks knitted by someone else! I can't wait to find out who I will be knitting for and get started. I have several patterns in mind, but will wait to make the final decision after finding out a little bit about the recipient.

So, what new projects do you have for the New Year?

Monday, December 27, 2004

New Year's Resolution No. 1

My first New Year's Resolution is to try to post regularly on my blog. I have been tweeking the template a bit this morning and updating my projects.

As you can see, not much progress has been made on CardiRaye or Audrey. They have been sadly neglected in favor of some new projects.

Lara is heading towards the finish line as I just have the last sleeve and the finishing to do. I love the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk yarn used in this sweater; however, I have had a lot of knots in my skeins of yarn. This has been very discouraging as I have had to break off and start new yarns in so many places. Since I do not like to break and begin new yarns in the middle of rows, and because of the long rows in many parts of Lara, I am afraid I may run out of yarn. It will be a pretty close call.

Because it is my knitting and I can do what I want, I have started another project even though CardiRaye and Audrey are being ignored. I am knitting Jodi Green's Mariah from the Winter issue of Knitty. I am using some Paton's Classic Merino I won on ebay in a beautiful dark red. One pattern repeat is completed on the first sleeve. It looks good so far.

I have also been knitting a poncho for my granddaughter, Bailey, who will turn 4 in January. I used the Children's Poncho pattern by Knitting Pure and Simple. It just needs its fringe to be completed.

Tonight, I plan to take some pictures of my projects to share with any readers who stumble upon my blog.