Saturday, January 31, 2004

New Pictures

I have been playing a bit with my camera. As you may notice, I deleted the pix of my WIP's. My blog was taking much too long to load. So, here are some new pictures.

My Must Have Cardigan:

My Phildar:

As you can see from my side bar, I am a Stampin' Up demonstrator. This is my new scrapbook from SU -- the cutest little 6x6 brag book:

And, this is a picture of my niece, Kylie, who was baptized today. Isn't she sweet!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, January 29, 2004

A Sneak Peak at Rowan for Spring

I haven't knitted enough to warrant new photos of my WIP's. Instead, take a peak at what Rowan has in store for their Spring/Summer 2004 line:

Rowan 35

Gorgeous stuff!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Hooray and Hooray!!

No. 1 Hooray! If anyone has stopped by my blog in the last few days, you will have noticed that none of my graphics were running. The network I upload my images to was down for several days. Everything is up and running now, and my blog looks pretty again!

No. 2 Hooray! I bought a new camera! My digital camera was stolen about a year ago (long story -- don't ask). After saving my pennies, I was finally able to purchase a new one. Now I can share photos of my WIP's, FO's, my cute family, my beautiful Utah -- I am so excited!!

I think I took the pictures with a much higher resolution than needed. I am going to have to practice.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004


What is it about knit-alongs that is so contagious? I need another project like I need a hole in my head (I'm already crazy), but could not resist joining the Must Have Cardigan knit-along that is being hosted by will knit for food and bagatell. I am using the upsize directions that Kate so kindly worked out. This is being knit with yarn from my stash, a beautiful deep brown/rust shade of Maya, a discontinued yarn from Classic Elite.

The cable patterns really stand out in this yarn, and it is very soft -- a pleasure to knit.

I have not abandoned my Phildar. It, too, is coming along nicely, albeit slowly. Small gauge and 200+ stitches per row = not much progress per day. I am having fun knitting it, though.

Oh, and do I see perhaps another knit-along on the horizon? Take a look at the gorgeous rogue hooded pullover by girlfromauntie. Does anyone else want to knit this with me?

Monday, January 05, 2004

New Year, New Project

On New Year's Day I began my Phildar Irlandais. I thought I deserved to begin a new project for the New Year even though other projects await finishing. I don't know what it is about beginning a new knitting project, but it is like eating chocolate -- the feeling is wonderful!

After swatching, I realized I needed to go up one needle size for the yarn I am using. So I casted on all 208 stitches and knit 2x2 ribbing for 35 rows (what amounted to be 4 inches). Let me tell you, I sure was sick of ribbing after that many stitches and rows. I have only knit 4 rows of the pattern since completing the ribbing, but just getting the ribbing done felt pretty good.

This pattern has a ton of cables. On row 3 of the pattern, every stitch (other than the selvedge stitches) is involved in a cable. All the cabling is done on the right side rows, so I get a break by just knitting the knit stitches and purling the purl stitches on all wrong side rows. So far, I am doing all the cabling without a cable needle. Don't know if it goes faster or not, but it is kind of fun to use this technique for a change. Also, it does not seem like the cable stitches are getting stretched out like they sometimes do with a cable needle.

I nicknamed this sweater "Cable Clouds" because of the beautiful pale blue color and the softness of the yarn.

So, is anyone else starting a New Year project?