Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Return of My Mojo

In my efforts to regain my lost mojo, I decided a trip to my basement to visit my UFO’s was in order. Most of the projects I came upon were still “ick.” However, I did come across a sweater I had totally forgotten about. Way back when Interweave Knits was pretty new, Beth Brown-Reinsel wrote a wonderful article on knitting aran sweaters from the top down (Winter, 1997). Her gorgeous pattern for the Celtic Dreams sweater was included. At that time, I ordered the yarn from Beth -- some scrumptious breed specific British Wool called “Creskeld Gray Masham.” This yarn is undyed and is completely spun from the British Masham sheep. Very cool!

The Celtic Dreams sweater has some intricate cabling, one of which I totally messed up on the front of the sweater I was knitting.

This is the back, showing all cables done correctly.

And this is the front, with the horribly mis-crossed cables right in the center!

While I do not remember, I am sure I was probably frustrated with myself and balked at ripping out my knitting. So, in an effort to erase the item from my sight, it, along with the yarn, was banished to the basement. What fun it was to find this forgotten treasure. I have done the necessary ripping (and enjoyed it, as well) and have begun the process of re-knitting the front.

With renewed knitting interest, some of my other projects on the needles are also more enjoyable. I have picked up Hidcote again, and it is coming along a few rows at a time. And, I have begun the socks for my sockapaloooza pal. Yippee!