Saturday, March 27, 2004


After a very bad week for me, I finally made it to Saturday. I am going to take the day to relax and rejuvenate, both my body and my spirit. I wish I could learn to turn my brain off, too, and give it a bit of a rest. I have tried to learn to meditate, but clearing my thoughts and thinking of absolutely nothing (except breathing) is so completely foreign to me. My mind is always racing ahead at warp speed. But I am practicing, and can actually achieve a minute or two. Baby steps, right?

My beautiful CardiRaye has kept me company throughout the week. There were a few times when picking up my knitting was just too hard, but for the most part, my pretty CardiRaye kept my mind focused on it and off other things. I am not sure if knitting is healing, but for me, this project has put several smiles on my face and even a giggle or two. Just look at these gorgeous colors!

And the tiny sparkly thread that Alison hates (tee-hee), why, it just adds a bit of sunshine to this sweater. It makes me feel like Spring -- a time for regrowth, renewal, healing, and the return of beauty after the storms. Yes, maybe my knitting can be healing.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Oh my gosh, I am having such a bad day today. I wish I were able to be more open and express what is going on in my life to all my cyber knitting friends. But I have always been a bit quiet and withdrawn. I’m one of those people who keep their feelings bottled up inside (I got ulcers when I was 16!). I love to read other knitting blogs and feel from the personal posts that I almost know some of you. I am sure you don’t get that from my blog. However, I am really going through a bad time right now, and if any of you could send some prayers my way, I would really appreciate it. Oh, and please keep sharing your life on your blogs. Sometimes, the only smiles I have during my day I derive from my favorite knitting blogs!

Monday, March 22, 2004

Quick Pix

Just a quick entry to post a couple of pictures. First, the Oat Couture Victorian T-Shirt, and none too soon. The mom-to-be is going to be started two weeks from today. She is beginning to feel a bit miserable, so I am not sure how much longer to expect her at work. I think I will give her the sweater tomorrow. I still need to make a cute baby card to go with it, though.

Since I have gotten a bit of the Spring bug, I started CardiRaye, even though I have too many current WIPs to mention. Here she is so far:

I love the colors in this sweater. The knitting is a bit addicting because I can hardly wait to get to a new color. Also, I am liking the sparkly yarn that is carried along with some of the stripes. I do not usually go for glitzy stuff, and normally hate any yarn that isn't one hundred percent natural fibers. But, heck, spring/summer fashions are supposed to be bright, colorful, and fun -- right? Right!!

More later, promise!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Spring is my least favorite season. Here in Utah, the definition of weather for Spring is: Sunny, warm, rainy, windy, stormy, snowy, and cold. In other words, if you don't like what you are getting, wait 10 minutes and it will be totally different. That being said, the past week has been gorgeous! Blue skies, sunny, but still cool. We haven't lost our snow on the mountains yet, either.

I still have a lot of knitting left to do on my winter projects. Rogue is complete through attaching the pouch, but I'm not quite to the armholes yet. My Must Have Cardigan is stalled at the back, with only one sleeve completed. And my poor Cable Clouds has been neglected for over a month. So, with all this left to do before Spring, I really, really want to start something bright and sunny to go along with our current weather. I got a package in the mail yesterday that included Phildar's Tendances for Spring, 2004. I want to knit this:

It is knit from Phildar Plaisance in a beautiful orchid shade called meringue. The thing is, I want it NOW!! I wish, oh how I wish, that I could purchase Phildar yarns from somewhere in the States. Breiweb is great, but it takes nearly 3 weeks to receive an order. By the time it reaches me, it will probably be snowing.

Oh well, that will just give me an excuse to work more on Rogue, the Must Have, and Cable Clouds!

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Is It Spring Yet?

I've been reading up on knitting blogs lately and notice most bloggers are getting spring fever. Spring Knitalongs are being planned and knitters are flocking (pun intended) to join. Here are a few of which I have taken note:

CardiRaye hosted by Angela and Kimberly.

idoOndeonde hosted by Bonne Marie, Sylvia and Leya.

Spring Fling hosted by Alison.

Ingeborg hosted by Wendy.

I've also seen knitted sweatpants, dish cloths, socks, and tanks. So, what are you planning to knit for Spring?

No new projects have been started lately here at SE. I have the Oat Couture Victorian T-Shirt all knit and plan to begin seaming tonight. Pix soon, I promise.

It was my Mom's b'day on Monday, March 8. We celebrated over the weekend by taking her to lunch and shopping. Sunday was the big family party. Here she is with the grandkids. Cute, huh!!