Saturday, March 27, 2004


After a very bad week for me, I finally made it to Saturday. I am going to take the day to relax and rejuvenate, both my body and my spirit. I wish I could learn to turn my brain off, too, and give it a bit of a rest. I have tried to learn to meditate, but clearing my thoughts and thinking of absolutely nothing (except breathing) is so completely foreign to me. My mind is always racing ahead at warp speed. But I am practicing, and can actually achieve a minute or two. Baby steps, right?

My beautiful CardiRaye has kept me company throughout the week. There were a few times when picking up my knitting was just too hard, but for the most part, my pretty CardiRaye kept my mind focused on it and off other things. I am not sure if knitting is healing, but for me, this project has put several smiles on my face and even a giggle or two. Just look at these gorgeous colors!

And the tiny sparkly thread that Alison hates (tee-hee), why, it just adds a bit of sunshine to this sweater. It makes me feel like Spring -- a time for regrowth, renewal, healing, and the return of beauty after the storms. Yes, maybe my knitting can be healing.