Monday, March 22, 2004

Quick Pix

Just a quick entry to post a couple of pictures. First, the Oat Couture Victorian T-Shirt, and none too soon. The mom-to-be is going to be started two weeks from today. She is beginning to feel a bit miserable, so I am not sure how much longer to expect her at work. I think I will give her the sweater tomorrow. I still need to make a cute baby card to go with it, though.

Since I have gotten a bit of the Spring bug, I started CardiRaye, even though I have too many current WIPs to mention. Here she is so far:

I love the colors in this sweater. The knitting is a bit addicting because I can hardly wait to get to a new color. Also, I am liking the sparkly yarn that is carried along with some of the stripes. I do not usually go for glitzy stuff, and normally hate any yarn that isn't one hundred percent natural fibers. But, heck, spring/summer fashions are supposed to be bright, colorful, and fun -- right? Right!!

More later, promise!