Sunday, February 08, 2004

Another One Bites the Dust

The weekend has whizzed by so fast I can hardly believe it! Why don't the days of the work week go by as quickly. I swear, it feels like all my time is spent at the office. But if I want to buy more yarn I must go to work!

I did get a sleeve complete on my Must Have Cardigan:

This project is so much fun, and I love the yarn. Why Classic Elite has been doing away with most of their classic yarns is a puzzlement. This Maya yarn is gorgeous, and feels so wonderful while knitting it. I sure wish I could buy more of it -- but alas, 'tis gone the way of other beautiful natural yarns to make room for more flashy, funky, novelty yarns.

I received the Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran I ordered from Ozeyarn for the Rogue Pullover. From the day I ordered it to the day it arrived on my doorstep, only 7 days elapsed. That is all the way from Australia! And, because of the currency rate, it was less expensive than if I had purchased it here in the states, even with shipping. Take a peak:

And because God seems to think we need even more snow, here is the new six inches we received overnight:

Well, "Kiss the day goodbye" (A Chorus Line), and have a happy Monday all!