Monday, December 08, 2003

Mail Woes

Last week I almost went postal on the postman. Now, I know it wasn't the poor man's fault my mail was so messed up. But sometimes one must blame the messenger instead of the message. If nothing else, it makes one feel a bit better. Actually, I don't feel better, so I'm recording it for all posterity.

First of all, I finally received my package from a local LYS (that shall remain nameless herein). I was so excited! At long last, The Viking Knits Collection: Book One, was in my possessio. I love Elsebeth Lavold's designs, and was ready to devour the contents of this lovely book that I ordered over 3 weeks ago. So imagine my dismay when I opened the envelope to find not the book I had longed for, but Viking Patterns for Knitting, a book that had already been in my library for a couple of years. A quick call to the LYS confirmed their mistake; but I was also informed they had sold out of The Viking Knits Collection: Book One, which I had special ordered from them, which they called and told me was in, and for which I had immediately paid. Bother!!

Next, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my December kit from a scrapbooking club I belong to. These kits always arrive packaged in a large pizza box, thus securing the 12x12 paper so it won't be bent. Imagine my disappointment to arrive home and see my much desired pizza box that looked as if it has gotten soaking wet, and then either dropped from the top of a 10-story building or had a 500 pound weight pounded into it. Everything inside it was ruined. The papers were crushed, wrinkled and faded onto each other.

To make matters worse, I am still waiting for the Noro Kureyon yarn I won on ebay 2 1/2 weeks ago to arrive.

It is going to be another Booga Bag for sister #2 for Christmas. I'm starting to get that panicky feeling when things just don't seem to go my way. What else can go wrong?