Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Is It Spring Yet?

I've been reading up on knitting blogs lately and notice most bloggers are getting spring fever. Spring Knitalongs are being planned and knitters are flocking (pun intended) to join. Here are a few of which I have taken note:

CardiRaye hosted by Angela and Kimberly.

idoOndeonde hosted by Bonne Marie, Sylvia and Leya.

Spring Fling hosted by Alison.

Ingeborg hosted by Wendy.

I've also seen knitted sweatpants, dish cloths, socks, and tanks. So, what are you planning to knit for Spring?

No new projects have been started lately here at SE. I have the Oat Couture Victorian T-Shirt all knit and plan to begin seaming tonight. Pix soon, I promise.

It was my Mom's b'day on Monday, March 8. We celebrated over the weekend by taking her to lunch and shopping. Sunday was the big family party. Here she is with the grandkids. Cute, huh!!