Monday, May 15, 2006

Peruvian Hand Knits

My nephew just returned from a two-year LDS mission from Lima, Peru. He brought home a lot of gifts and souviners, some of which were hand-knitted items. They are so beautiful and well-made.

First is my nephew wearing an alpaca sweater his "pensionista" knitted for him, and also a chullo hat. He is holding a picture of himself wearing the hat that was painted of him by a local that he befriended.

Next is a gorgeous hand-woven authentic Aztec poncho like garment (I do not recall its actual name.) The colors are gorgeous!

Finally, my sister wearing a hand-knit alpaca sweater. The yarn is fingering weight in natural shades of alpaca. Don't you love the llamas and other characters on it? Again, the workmanship is impeccable!

I just had to share!!