Friday, April 07, 2006

Yep, I'm a Tweaker

No, it's not that!

My poor blog has been ignored far too much. First, I post so infrequently it is almost senseless to even have a blog. Second, it seems the network that has been hosting my images is down more than it is up. So, when I do get ready to post, I can't. While I loved my old template, I just could not continue to use it unless I stayed with my old network (it is my nephew's and, therefore, free). For now I am just using one of blogger's templates, and I am loading my images to photobucket (can you tell that "free" is a big thing with me?)

I have been tweaking it a bit here and a bit there. Just when I think I like how things are looking, I decide, "Yeah, but what about this?" and make more changes. Please be patient as tweaking leads to addiction. I may not be able to quit!! Stop me before my blog becomes a big mess!

P.S. I hope I don't offend with the whole "tweaking" thing. But (and this is much more information than I usually divulge), as the mother of two sons who are/were drug addicts, I am entitled to joke about it a bit. Sometimes laughter is the only way to get through the tears.