Monday, November 28, 2005

Getting There!

I went to the doc for a follow-up exam of my knee. I only had one concern (or two). I have two tiny sores, one on my shin and one more on my knee, that will not heal. The doc fiddled a bit with the sore on my shin and pulled out an errant stitch. Hey, those were supposed to dissolve, weren't they? Anyway, sans a little stitch that had tried to break free, that sore should heal. Doc wasn't sure about the sore on my knee. Guess I'll just have to watch it a bit. Oh, and no more therapy! Yay!

My BIL's socks are coming along. A few more rows and I can begin the toe shaping. And more proof that things may be getting better -- I am dreaming of new projects. Not just socks, either (although several are on my list). I find I really, really want to knit a sweater, for ME. Call it my healing sweater, or my getting back to me sweater, or my just 'cuz sweater. But I think I'm ready.

I have also got some scrapbook pages finished. Here is my most recent page of my two sweet GD's:

Finally, here are my choices for Kristy's Blogs of the Week: