Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Martha Progress; SIP

Last week I visited my most "L" LYS to pick up a size 3 needle so I could begin Martha. I bought an Addi bamboo 24" circular, bamboo because of the cotton yarn. Cotton yarn knits easily on wooden needles. Anyhoo, several inches into Martha and POP!!, my brand new needle broke. Before all those little loops could escape, I hurried and caught them up on the size 1 needle used for the hem. After another trip to the LYS (where they graciously replaced my needle, no questions asked), I was able to knit a tad more last night. She is looking very Springlike:

And since I always must have a SIP along with many WIP's, here is my current sock:

I am still highly entertained by the patterns made with Opal sock yarns. This particular sock is becoming a favorite!