Thursday, March 03, 2005

Socks and Spring

Daffodils, tulips and pansies are peeking out of the soil all around my neighborhood, a sure sign that Spring is fast approaching. Also, I am sneezing, have watery eyes, am losing my voice, all from my hayfever, which means Spring is fast approaching. So what is a girl to do but begin planning her Spring knitting. See what I have purchased thus far.

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I am blaming the fabulous Becky for enabling me to buy that gorgeous yarn for the Chanel inspired jacket on the cover of the new Phildar Tendances. I so love pink and am drooling over these lovely yarns. I ordered the yarns from Brieweb, and received my package in a short two weeks, all the way from the Netherlands. Brieweb rocks!

Oh, and sockapalooza pal, if you are watching, here is a finished sock:

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I was a wee bit nervous about how this sock was turning out, but now that it is completed, I really like it a lot. The color is very vibrant, but my pal said she liked bright colors. Just gotta complete the second sock and I will be ready to mail when Alison gives the go ahead.

Tune in soon for my list of projects I am planning from the Rowan and Rebecca mags I received from The Knitting Garden.