Friday, March 25, 2005

Think of Lara

I used to be a big General Hospital fan. Anyone remember when Laura came back after having been kidnapped by the evil Cassadines? Luke did not know she was back, but kept thinking about her in all sorts of flashbacks. The background music during Luke's daydreaming was, "Think of Laura." Makes me tear up just thinking about it. Sigh...

[Insert background music] Well, I was thinking about Lara yesterday. Not GH's Laura, but my Debbie Bliss Lara, long neglected. I spread her out on my rug to see just what needed to be done to bring her back to life:

It looks like Lara needs one more sleeve and a fix of one of her front bands. Notice how one band is half the width of the other. My big mistake! Probably why she was tossed aside and forgotten. I promptly began knitting her other sleeve and promise not to ignore her until she is completed. Poor thing. [Music fades ...]