Thursday, April 21, 2005

I really do knit!

Okay, I hardly ever post about actual knitting being done. So here is my photo flick of my recent projects.

I am knitting Plaza in RYC Cashcotton DK. This yarn is so yummy! Every stitch is knitting nirvana. I have completed a sleeve and have started the 2nd sleeve. Why start with sleeves you ask? Well, I normally hate to knit sleeves; so doing them first gets them out of the way. I am not as apt to throw the project aside to lapse into UFO kingdom if my sweater has sleeves!

I purchased some lovely cotton yarn from Elann called Lara from the Endless Summer Collection. This is a sport weight yarn and so far has knit like a dream. The pattern is Maddy Laine's Flower Boxes. Lots of fun stitchwork to break the monotony of endless st st on Plaza.

I have knit a couple of complete pattern repeats of the Phildar Chanel jacket. The colors are so fun. I usually hate novelty yarns, but am finding this combination quite pleasant to knit. The pattern is extremely simple but shows off the yarns to their best advantage.

Oh, and lastly, here is a pic of my peach yarn for Martha.

I thought it would be more of an apricot rather than a peach, so was a tad disappointed. However, it is growing on me. Martha may just like it, too. I think I'll go swatch her up.