Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm a 'looozer!

(Cue The Beatles; sing-along "I'm a loser, and I'm not what I appear to be . . .")

I am still trying to finish the socks for my pal. I hope she isn't waiting by her mailbox tomorrow, or even Friday. I plan to get them in the mail by Friday or Saturday as they are theeeeese close to being done. Have your read the poem over at Pip and Tom's dedicated to we 'looozers? If you haven't seen it yet, you must go read -- NOW! Quite a kick!

Life has been a bit crazy for me this last week or two. Not that I am trying to make excuses for my sock tardiness (well, maybe I am), but I have had a lot going on.

1. Noall Wootton, a good friend and my boss for 16 years passed away Thursday. Besides being a wonderful man, he is probably most known as being the person who prosecuted Gary Gilmore. There was a nice write-up in the newspaper. If interested, check it out here. His memorial was yesterday. It would have been extremely tacky to have taken my sock-in-progress along, although I would have had a lot of knitting time while standing in line.

2. May is a month of birthdays (3 nephews), Mother's Day, graduations, Memorial Day. I am trying to attend everything, and I am budgeting my paycheck for lots of gifties. Nope, no one is getting anything hand-knitted.

3. I had a stamp class last night. There was a very nice turnout and everyone made some cute things to take home (plates, cards and a few scrapbook pages). Of course, no knitting there.

4. My nephew, who has been serving a two-year LDS mission in Peru, gets home 1 week from today. There will be a lot of celebrating his return, as we have sure missed him! (My family is extremely close -- my nieces and nephews are almost like my own children!)

5. My son, who has been "away" (don't ask) since October will be home next week. I am having quite a bit of angst about this. (Ditto "don't ask.")

So, blogging will be erratic for the rest of May; knitting time will be found here and there like during my lunch breaks and before bed. I'm not going to be on the 'looozer list for long!