Monday, February 26, 2007

My February Fruits

February is at its end and, once again, blogging has been neglected. I'm going to try to be better - honest! (I know; you have heard it before. I really am going to try.)

My knitting has been concentrated on socks and my Hidcote shawl.

As you know, I have spun some Crown Mountain Farms Great Balls of Fire which I want to use for socks. Since I am a novice spinner (very novice), I was totally unsure how fine to spin the fiber. I wanted to see some of the real stuff, i.e. Teyani's gorgeous sock hop yarn. I purchased a couple of skeins of Heat Wave, cut off a small length and tied that to my spinning wheel. As I spun I could stop now and again to make a comparison. This worked really well as I am quite satisfied with the yarn I spun. Well, what's a girl to do with two beautifully dyed and spun skeins of the softest, most lovely yarn? Knit some socks, of course. The first sock is completed:

The pattern is Chevron Socks by Nicola Manning. This is a very simple pattern that shows off the yarn to its advantage. I am so pleased with this sock and can hardly wait to cast on for its mate. I want to wear these puppies!!!

My other project is Mim's Hidcote Shawl. This is the first shawl I have ever knit, and it is a beautiful thing indeed. The pattern is so very clearly written with one chart flowing gracefully into the next. My yarn is Merino Oro in a deep teal. (The color in my photo looks bluer than it really is.) I am on chart 5 and am anxious to get this part completed and move on to the next chart, which introduces a new pattern. I'm having so much fun knitting this!

An order from Blue Moon Fiber Arts was waiting for me what I arrived home: one skein of Footzey-Foo, one skein of January One, and Cookie A.'s Titania's Revenge pattern. Cookie is a sock pattern genius. She is contemplating getting a book published of her sock patterns. Go on over and give her some more convincing!

Right now, I think the Footzey-Foo (it's green - just in time for "Knit Green Socks") will be the Monkey Socks from Knitty. January One is designated for Titania.

So, that's what I'm knitting. However, a lot of my time has been spent making greeting cards. I have posted (in previous posts) a couple of pics of a few cards I have made in the past. I want to start selling my cards either individually or by special order. I'm only charging $2.00 each (envelope included), which is a bit of a bargain if I do say so. Anyone interested? If so let me know and I'll show you more of what I have.

Time to go play now!!

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