Thursday, November 30, 2006

Exciting Move

I haven’t had much time to blog the past month as life has been hectic.

As most of you who wander over to my blog now and then know, I am a paralegal in a law firm in downtown Provo, Utah. Our present office is in an older building of which we occupy one-half. There is only the main floor and a downstairs, and we have been busting at the seams for a couple of years now. Several more attorneys have joined the firm making it necessary to hire more clerks and clerical staff, and we simply have not had anywhere to put everyone and everyone’s stuff. And to make matters worse, this place is ugly – I mean uuuuuuuglyyyy! I am pretty sure the place has had no renovations made to it since the 70’s. Seriously! I am almost embarrassed when new clients come to the office.

My present office (work station) is in the rear corner of a fairly large room shared by three of us. This room has no windows – none. There are days when I never see daylight for the entire day, especially now that the days are shorter. My desk is an old wood laminate (chipped all to heck) with a lovely, credenza to match. My computer is the newest one in the office and is almost five years old. Our phone systems are completely out of the dark ages – we don’t even have voicemail. Do you know how many times a day I am asked to give a caller one of the attorneys voicemail? I’m telling you, it’s mortifying.

So, guess what? The partners finally saw the light and purchased a new building last Spring. Since then, the whole place has been renovated, and it’s beautiful! Next week we will be vacating this building and moving to and working out of the new building. We are leaving behind all the decrepit furniture, ugly wall hangings, dusty plastic foliage, antique phone systems, out-of-date computers, tin file cabinets, and getting all new stuff. I’ve got to take a few pictures of my new desk and work station – it is gorgeous! It is all cherry wood (real, solid wood, no more laminate), and it is huge. My file cabinets are also out of cherry wood with lovely hardware. My area is in a pretty, large, open area and I have windows!!! Finally, my surroundings will be very classy and sophisticated, and I am so excited!

Did I mention the view? The mountains are so close it looks like they begin at our doorstep. I promise pictures of the new place soon.

Now for the bad news. I do not have an appropriate wardrobe to match my new office. Since the old office was so ugly, we all dressed pretty casual. No jeans or anything that extreme (okay, maybe once in a while) but just slacks, shirts, boots – think The Gap or Old Navy. But now I need suits, dresses, real “outfits” that are appropriate for a paralegal who works in a sophisticated, classy law firm.

If you have read this far, here is what I’m getting to:

1. Where can lovely, classy clothing be purchased that won’t cost me my next 6 months salary?

2. What sweaters can I knit that are office appropriate. No big, bulky cables, slouchy raglans, or drop shoulder designs. I like unique constructions, and I’m thinking yarn no heavier than a DK weight.

Does anyone have any suggestions?