Monday, May 22, 2006

Sockapaloooza Socks!

Upon returning home from work one day last week, I noticed a package next to my mailbox. Thinking to myself, "Huh, I don't remember ordering anything," I picked up the box and noticed right off the return address was Tokyo, Japan. Double checking that it was, indeed, addressed to me, my puzzlement increased. Upon opening the package, I found the wonderful contents.
Is that the cutest wooden box you have ever seen? There is also a gorgeous postcard of a Tokyo train station. Not just any old postcard, either; this one is hand-inked by the artist, himself. How cool is that? And to top it all off, look at that fun Japanese candy!!! My brain has finally clicked into the fact that all these wonderful goodies are from my sockpal. Yep, upon opening that darling box, I found these inside. The socks are gorgeous and fit me perfectly! They were knit with some lovely yarn purchased in Switzerland and are that fabulous Pomatomus socks. My photo does not do these socks justice (I'm blaming crappy lighting), but take it from me, the socks are works of art. I absolutely love them!

So now all can be revealed: my fantastic sockapaloooza pal is Kat. Kat is an Australian, married to an American, who is living in Tokyo. Cool, huh! Thank you, again, Kat!!!