Monday, November 06, 2006

Spinning Skunk Yarn

I have been having fun learning to spin with my wheel. I took a class at the Great Basin Fiber Arts fair in September, and it really helped me a lot. Prior to the class, my spinning looked like twine or string; now I am spinning yarn! It is still far from perfection, but it is looking better all the time.

I purchased some fun fibers at the fair. One ball really intrigued me by its color as it was one thick piece of white roving wound with one thick piece of dark brown roving. It was aptly named "skunk."

Of course, it wasn't really skunk, but was some gorgeous merino wool roving. It was a dream to spin, so soft. And I loved watching the colors spin and blend around themselves

After spinning, I wound it into a center-pull ball with my trusty Fricke winder.

Now for the plying. I had never plied before, so was a bit tentative. A little, tiny bit more twist in the plying would have made the yarn even better, but I'm pretty pleased with my first real skein of yarn.

(Sorry about the basement photo that sadly includes my water heater. However, if you peak way behind the skein of yarn hanging to dry, you can see plastic containers full of yarn -- my embarassing huge stash!)

Anyhoo, I'm now spinning some gorgeous Crown Mountain Farm's fiber for socks -- Great Balls of Fire! I'm lovin' it!

Oh, and one more pic -- my new niece, Lexie Rae, two weeks old. She's a keeper!!!