Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Lots of changes!

I have a job interview tomorrow. It is for a paralegal position in the office of corporate counsel for Morinda, a corporation in the business of selling, producing, researching, etc. Noni Juice. I am excited about this. While I like my current job a lot (I am a legal assistant for a trial attorney), the pressure and stress of working in the field of litigation is tremendous. How fun does it sound to work for Noni Juice? The position calls for some litigation work (which after 17 years of experience, I think I can do in my sleep), but it also incorporates some trademark law, contracts, and the like. The pay is quite a bit more, but I will need to see what they will offer in the form of benefits. Wish me luck!

My nephew is leaving on May 5 for Lima, Peru, to serve an LDS mission (no jokes, please -- LOL!). His formal "farewell" is this Sunday, so I have been busy helping sis with food, invitations and that sort of stuff. Then, one week from today, the entire family clan is heading for Disneyland! Bryson (the nephew) wanted to go -- kinda like a last hurrah of sorts. So, the whole fam damily is going along for the ride -- 26 of us! Anyone wanna join in? One more won't make much of a difference!

So, lots of excitement and lots of changes here. Now if my Rowan Calmer arrives in the next day or two, I can add a new project to the list of changes!!