Monday, April 05, 2004

Time sure does whoosh by quickly! I could have sworn I posted an entry since March 27, but, obviously, not. I have a couple of small things to report.

First, remember the Victorian t-shirt I knitted for my office mate who was having a little girl? Well, she had her baby this morning -- a boy! Now, there is nothing at all wrong with baby boys (I had two myself), but the Victorian t-shirt just will not due for a boy. So, what can I knit quick like for a new baby boy? Any suggestions?

Second, does anyone know of a person who can translate knitting instructions from Dutch to English? I ordered some Phildar books from Beiweb and was surprised when they came written in Dutch. Why was I surprised? I mean, geez, who did I think I was ordering from, anyway! Big, big DOH!! (Imagine smiley icon hitting itself over its head.) Anyway, there are two sweaters I really want to knit, so I need an interpreter. Any suggestions?

Last, but definitely not least, I finished the back of cardi raye, and she is very pretty if I do say so myself. I immediately cast on for the right front and straightaway had a "huh?" moment. The instructions say to cast on an odd number of stitches and to work in 2x2 ribbing beginning and ending each rs row with a k2. Now, if you divide an odd number of stitches by an even amount of stitches, you are going to come out with 1 stitch too many, no matter what numbers you plug into the equation. So, I began with a k2 and ended with a k3, deciding that the extra knit stitch will be used as the pickup row for the button band. I am already thinking ahead to that button band trying to decide how it is going to be handled. I know I do not want to sew on the bias tape as shown in the pattern, but am not sure yet just what I do want. One thing is for sure, at the slow rate I knit, I have plenty of time to figure it out.

Ta for now!!