Thursday, March 31, 2005

I'm In Love!
Do you believe in love at first sight? I received the new VK in my mailbox yesterday. I always do a quick flip through before taking my time to read articles and peruse instructions. But my first time through the pages, I was stopped dead in my tracks by this lovely sweater:

Isn't it gorgeous! I am totally besotten. Once I could breathe again, I ran to the computer to look up the yarn used: Trendsetter Spiral. Imagine my dismay to find that this yarn has been discontinued! How can that be? A new design in a new publication that features a discontinued yarn? Sheesh! I know, I know, I can always substitute. But part of the beauty of this sweater is the yarn, dontcha think? So, has anyone seen this yarn at their local LYS? Can you recommend a gorgeous substitute worthy of this beauty?

Friday, March 25, 2005

Think of Lara

I used to be a big General Hospital fan. Anyone remember when Laura came back after having been kidnapped by the evil Cassadines? Luke did not know she was back, but kept thinking about her in all sorts of flashbacks. The background music during Luke's daydreaming was, "Think of Laura." Makes me tear up just thinking about it. Sigh...

[Insert background music] Well, I was thinking about Lara yesterday. Not GH's Laura, but my Debbie Bliss Lara, long neglected. I spread her out on my rug to see just what needed to be done to bring her back to life:

It looks like Lara needs one more sleeve and a fix of one of her front bands. Notice how one band is half the width of the other. My big mistake! Probably why she was tossed aside and forgotten. I promptly began knitting her other sleeve and promise not to ignore her until she is completed. Poor thing. [Music fades ...]

Friday, March 18, 2005

This 'n That

I finally finished my sockapalooza socks, blocked them on my sock blockers, and mailed them to my pal yesterday. As I am already a day or two late, I hope she will get them tomorrow. I am watching her blog closely to see if she posts about them.

With the socks completed, I can now knit at my leisure as I have no deadlines for any project coming up soon. With that in mind, I have been tinkering with the Phildar pattern for the Chanel inspired cardigan. Phildar is offering this pattern free on their website (in French, of course), and I did purchase the pattern book from Breiweb in the Netherlands. My problem is that I do not know either French or Dutch. With help from both wiseNeedle and Babel Fish, I think I have most of the translation complete. The only portion I am stuck on is the very last few paragraphs. I am thinking this has to do with sewing on the buttons, but am not sure. If you are interested in this pattern, click on the photo.

Phildar Chanel pattern
Chanel Jacket
My attempt to translate to English

Also, if you note any needed corrections (including the last few paragraphs) please let me know.

You Are 95% Left Brained, 5% Right Brained

Are You Right or Left Brained?

I had taken a test in college that told me I was not only left brained, but was one of the most left brained people that had been tested (at that college) to that date. I was curious how I would come out in the above test, but see it agrees with my previous tests. Very strange, I know.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Super Sockapalooza Socks!!!

Look what I got!! Look what I got!!

My socks from the sockapalooza exchange arrived with my Saturday mail. Aren't they scrumptious!! I love everything about them -- the pattern is way cool; the color is perfect; they fit like they were made for me (oh wait; they were made for me!)!!! The fantastic knitter of these gorgeous socks is Brynne Sutton. I can't thank you enough, Brynn. They are just perfect! Your knitting is impeccable! And Alison, thank you again for organizing the sockapalooza. I vote we should do this again soon.

See what I got with my tax refund.

I have wanted a spinning wheel for soooo long. When I found out I was getting a bit of a refund, I decided to go for it. I am so happy with my new wheel. I have only spun on a drop spindle before, so the yarn I am spinning on my wheel is far from perfect. But I am having a blast playing and practicing!

Here is a bit of what I have spun lately.

I hope to one day actually spin yarn good enough to knit!

Friday, March 04, 2005

RYC Classic

I have been waiting for the arrival of the Rowan's new RYC line of patterns and yarns to arrive in the U.S., but have worn out my patience. Thus, I placed an order to Colourway for both the Cafe and Garden patterns books, and the yarn to make this gorgeous sweater:

I ordered this lovely blue, called "cool."

Now comes the waiting game for the package to arrive. Does anyone else get that fun anticipation feeling, kind of like waiting for Christmas, when you are expecting something in the mail? I love it!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Socks and Spring

Daffodils, tulips and pansies are peeking out of the soil all around my neighborhood, a sure sign that Spring is fast approaching. Also, I am sneezing, have watery eyes, am losing my voice, all from my hayfever, which means Spring is fast approaching. So what is a girl to do but begin planning her Spring knitting. See what I have purchased thus far.

click on me!

I am blaming the fabulous Becky for enabling me to buy that gorgeous yarn for the Chanel inspired jacket on the cover of the new Phildar Tendances. I so love pink and am drooling over these lovely yarns. I ordered the yarns from Brieweb, and received my package in a short two weeks, all the way from the Netherlands. Brieweb rocks!

Oh, and sockapalooza pal, if you are watching, here is a finished sock:

click on me!

I was a wee bit nervous about how this sock was turning out, but now that it is completed, I really like it a lot. The color is very vibrant, but my pal said she liked bright colors. Just gotta complete the second sock and I will be ready to mail when Alison gives the go ahead.

Tune in soon for my list of projects I am planning from the Rowan and Rebecca mags I received from The Knitting Garden.